Oh how we love our dogs.  Your dog is a huge part of your life.  Lets face it, we all consider them part of the family.  In fact I have to remind my dogs that they need to leave enough room in the bed for me.  They make you laugh. They are there for you when no one else is.  There your best friend and they don't care what you look like or how many pounds you need to loose.  Now that is what you call unconditional love.

My sessions are easy-going and fun, keeping with the more natural, casual style of my photography, but glamming things up a bit can always be fun.  Children usually have a strong bond with the family dog, so include them or yourself in the shoot. These memories should be cherished forever.

Location is up to you. Your local park, favorite trail, your dog’s favorite swimming hole, etc ... wherever Rover is most familiar and happy, or whatever locale has particular meaning to you. A  location that provides a variety of backdrops: fields, a river,  trees, etc. adds varity and we can always use your own home or backyard. I love to incorporate your pets favorite toy (as seen in the photo on the left), so bring the balls and frisbies.  I'll bring the dog treats.


Standard Sessions are $350.00


  • Photographer’s time and talent. The average session typically lasts about an hour.
  • A complimentary 8x12 print of your choice, and up to fifteen watermarked web-size digital images.
  • Professional post-processing and touch-up services on all images, including leash removal (if necessary).
  • Travel in a 55-mile radius from Nampa (Boise) Idaho. Longer travel distances are billed at $0.60 per mile.
  • Your session fee is required to hold your session dates on my calendar.  All major credit cards are accepted.   Additional pets can be added to the session at a rate of $75. each. Please notify me beforehand.
You can call me at 206-384-8513 (Seattle area code) or email tamaragoochphoto@gmail.com to book your session.


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