Photography Workshops

My workshops are about capturing the soul and essence of the horse, it's spirit, power and beauty. In each workshop I share my passion, creative insight and photographic knowledge gained from over 15 years of professional photography. I cover the basics of creating successful equine photography along with tips and tricks help get you unique images.  You will learn perspective, lighting, composition, the rule of thirds, and the best part... how to break the rules and it get those fabulous one of a kind shots.  Photo reviews; conducted while shooting and during post processing, help insure participants are provided with skills for consistently good images. Workshops are open to all levels of photographers and beginners are encouraged to attend.  Private workshops are available for indivduals or small groups. Each workshop is costumized to fit your desires, location and time frame. Please email to inquire.

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"When we see with our hearts as well as with our eyes, we have the potential to make powerful images"

2019 & 2020 Photography Workshops  

Southern France

June 23rd - July 1st 2019


 August 23rd - August 25th 2019

2 openings

 Akhel-Teke horse

Akhel-Teke and Iberian Horses

San Juan Islands with a day of Humback and Orca Whales

September 19th -September 25th 2019 


 Assateague and Chincoteague Wild Ponies

 October 17th - October 20th 2019


Coming March 2020 - India - Marwari Horses and Tigers

Join us as we celebrate the arrival of spring with the legenday Holi Festival.  Please email to be the first to hear about this new and exciting photography workhop!


 The Horses of Kings Baja Mexico

April 24th - April 27th 2020

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